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Thread: Vitamin D switchup

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    Vitamin D switchup

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    I'm just about done with my Carlson 2000IU Vitamin D, and I frankly don't like the 'drops' way of ingesting the vitamin d. I was wondering if anyone had some other suggestions of good brands to take instead. I found this on online that had good reviews ...
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    over the many years, and living where sunlight isn't available year round, I have taken a 5000 capsule for years...but lately, I have researched, read, and in speaking to my naturopathic Doctor, have discovered that cod liver oil is the best for d...and is a superfood. I have purchased it also many times over the years, but seriously, it makes me gag no matter what magic flavour they put in I reluctantly had to stop...BUT, have discovered the MOST incredible brand... I am beyond in love with literally tastes like an orange burps, no would have NO clue you are having cod liver oil. I have a tbsp a day and treat it as a snack. It's made by Enerex, maybe a Canadian company..not sure and they most likely have a web lie, this stuff is amazing...!!

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