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    Like many of you, I would like my loved ones who don't eat/live a primal lifestyle to follow my lead. With that in mind, what's the "primal" take on the French Paradox?

    My husband, who is French, eats white bread with every meal, pastries, a ton of cheese, alcohol, and butter, along with the healthier veggies and meats that I eat. His only regular exercise is swimming 20 minutes, 2-3x/week, along with irregular skiing and hiking. Yet, he's in great shape, and has healthy cholesterol/blood sugar/etc. I can hardly argue that his health is in danger... I mean, is it?

    So is the French Paradox just good genes? When I ate like he did -- and not over-ate, I assure you -- I developed insulin resistance.

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    You didn't mention an important criteria: age. I was absolutely fit as the proverbial fiddle until age 50 when things started changing, metabolically. Until then, eat any quantity of any food and I was fine. Not so much after about that age change.

    There is also the statistical danger of examining one of anything, whether it be French husbands or Spanish mackerels and trying to make accurate determinations from what you know. Probably easier and more accurate for the mackerel than a husband!

    My advice is to be grateful for his health and don't lose any sleep over your attempt at making statistical sense out of it.

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    Well, how much bread? My impression was that the French generally ate a tiny bit of bread with a huge dollop of butter or cheese.

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    Here's a simple experiment, make him list everything on Fitday for about a week, and look at the results for yourself. There may be bread and pastries, but is he gulping them down by the pound or are they small treats. Is he eating ten whole baguettes a day, or does he split one. Are his meals balanced? Does his meals include healthy fats, vegetables, and fresh meat? Does he ever eat a King-sized candy bar or regularly slurp down a Big Gulp or a Frapuccino?

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