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Thread: Ladies-- tired days?

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    Ladies-- tired days?

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    Anyone else get this? For a couple days every month I sleep like I'm knocked out, feel like I can never wake up all the way (walking around like a zombie), and my athletic performance is suddenly terrible. It's like someone throws a wet blanket over my whole life. This morning at the gym I was supposed to deadlift, and I loaded 120 for my warm-up sets, and it felt like 180! I could barely pull it.

    It's so frustrating! I'm sure it's a hormonal thing. Anyone have any tricks, vitamins, supplements, foods, anything that will perk me up quicker? I hate losing 2-3 days of workouts, but mostly I just hate feeling so weak!

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    Yes, and it's definitely a hormonal thing for me. It's like I wake up with a 75 lb vest on, everything is arduous. I've been trying to increase my iron and zinc throughout the month, but I eat so much red meat already (2-5 servings a day, most days in the week) that deficiency in these two minerals seems unlikely. I kind of think it's something that i'm going to have to just live with, but that sucks for the people depending on me.

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    Yep! 2-3 days a month as well. I sleep a lot at night and usually nap on those days. I am able to lift, but it's harder. I've just decided it's part of my cycle and build it in as time to rest.

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    I get the same way as well. I feel like I'm walking in a daze most of those days, like I haven't slept for a week. I also will go to bed earlier and am not really hungry on those days, just tired. I do notice that after this tiredness goes away so does some poundage I believe i asked about this in someone elses journal and she commented that it is probably hormonal as well.
    i just thought that maybe my body was working so hard to burn off my fat it was exhausted! lol.

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    I have been like this for a couple of days, I was putting it down to running out of Vitamn D3.

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    Really rings bells for me and have thought it has hormonal links but really not sure, have been feeling v tired and soo grumpy last few days but today mood seems to be lifting...always had pms and now menopausal but still have these bouts, legs like lead and everything an effort...only been primal for 1 month though so maybe things will improve , am hoping so ...but I would love to understand what is going on more...agree so much its a real drag and not much fun for those around me either !

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    Those days are definitely there for me as well. Most of the rest of the time I'm fine. On the other hand, there's days I have almost a feeling of too much energy.

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    Yes, I have those days. Sometimes it is being under-slept, sometimes it is a lack of protein or carbs, sometimes it is a small injury, sometimes it is over-reaching in my training. I try to step back, sleep more, eat and cut down on support and cardio. Zinc, magnesium and chromium are minerals that can get depleted with training.
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    Yep. I've noticed this for years and it always coincides with my cycle. I've come to accept those 'low energy' days as temporary and simply take it a little easier, listening to my body and working within my limits.

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