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Thread: Gender/Age/Macros etc. Primal Poll

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    This post by Timothy got me thinking about a topic I'm very interested in--Grok and Grokette's differing gender roles and possible evolutionary differences in nutrition needs.

    I think humans can thrive on a pretty wide range of macronutrients, but I'm continually wondering if/how sex, age, stage of life (for example, pregnancy, nursing, etc.) impact what our diets and eating habits (esp. in terms of snacking, fasting, etc.) *should* look like for our individual optimum health.

    I'd love to do a poll here and have you primals answer some questions, to see if there is any cohesiveness in our findings about what seems to work best for each of us by sex, age, etc. So I've got some questions for you all--feel free to add more if you feel they are applicable!

    1. Are you male or female (or other ?

    2. How old are you?

    3. Are you pregnant or nursing or going through menopause (please specify which if so)? (Feel free to skip this one if it doesn't apply to you!)

    4. Are you working on healing from any kind of illness or injury or dealing with some other sort of condition? (please specify what kind of condition if yes)

    5. What are your approx average macronutrient ratios?

    6. What is your average carb intake in grams (feel free to give a range)?

    7. Describe your meal frequency. Do you eat snacks throughout the day, or 2-3 larger meals? Do you practice IF (if so, how often)? Do you practice a regular eating window w/ a fast? (think fast five, lean gains, warrior diet style--if so, please share how long your eating window/fast times are.) Do you practice alternate day fasting? What type of meal frequency do you feel currently works best for you and your body?

    8. What is your activity level? If you work out, how often, and what types of workouts? Include strenuous activities in your daily life as well.

    I know it's a lot of questions, but I'm just REALLY interested in all this. I'm going to post again and answer these questions. Thanks for participating if you do!!!!

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    1. I'm female

    2. 29

    3. I'm nursing my 3 year old (lots!)

    4. I'm working on gut healing (using probiotic foods and other good things like bone broth), probably more for my son than myself--I feel that my gut is doing quite well now...Also recovering vegetarian--was veg. for 12 years--added in meat after recognizing my son's multiple food sensitivities led me to become vegan and I felt terrible...I've never felt better than I do now eating lots of good meats and fats

    5. I'd say on average I get 60-65% fat, 15-20% protein, 15-20% carbs--seems to be the amounts I keep coming back to.

    6. Average carb intake is 100-150 g carbs, with a low/VLC day probably 1x a week (just b/c I feel like it).

    7. I think a lean gains 10 hour eating window w/ 14 hour fast type of meal frequency seems to work well for me. (Those are his recs for women, just fyi--they are different for men.) I tried a more fast-5/warrior style diet for a few weeks and didn't love how it felt (I've not been VLC which I think makes a big difference though). I just feel better eating a bit more frequently, generally 2-3 big meals daily, maybe 1 snack a day, depending on the day. I also IF breakfast or lunch some days, at least 2x a week, totally randomly.

    8. I do interval style strength training, doing compound exersizes 2x a week for around 15-20 minutes each session. I also do vinyasa flow yoga for 45 minutes to an hour 3 times a week, and sprint tabata style 1x every week or so. My daily activities involve lifting and carrying my 37.5 lb 3 year old along w/ another kiddo I watch, and just general running around the yard w/ them activities and typical household chores.

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    1. Female.

    2. 32.

    3. No.

    4. Obesity is an illness, right? And GERD.

    5. I have no idea.

    6. 50 to 200? I also have no idea.

    7. I usually eat a small breakfast, a snack and a big meal. Sometimes I have another snack. I practice IF a few times a week (14 to 18 hour fasts).

    Height: 5'4" (1.62 m)
    Starting weight (09/2009): 200 lb (90.6 kg)
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    Mirrorball, I added in 'condition' to make this more all-inclusive. Thanks so much for participating!

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    1. Female

    2. 31, almost 32

    3. Nope, no kids & no plans

    4. Tore a hamstring almost a year ago. Doing well, but healing is ongoing.

    5. Macros usually 60-70% fat, 20-30% protein, 10-20% carbs. (I go a bit higher carb on very long days on the farm.)

    6. 50-100g carbs daily. Usually about 65.

    7. Usually 3 meals daily, no snacks. Dinner has, traditionally, been my biggest meal, but I'm gradually shifting that toward lunch. I eat a pretty big breakfast (BAS!) too. I usually eat late, around 9am, 2pm, and 8pm -- but the fantastic thing about primal is that I can adjust that schedule widely with no ill effect.

    I almost always do a mini-fast of 14 hours between dinner and breakfast. About 2x per week, I do a longer IF of 16-18 hours.

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    Well, thank you for posting - I am interested in everyone's answers too...

    1. Female

    2. 28

    3. No pregnancy / children / menopause

    4. Healing from years of eating disorders. Doing pretty well

    5. Fat: Carbs: Protein = 60:30:10

    6. About 30g carbs a day

    7. I try to eat only 3 meals a day with one snack. Sometimes I have two snacks but have made a big effort to cut out my constant grazing, and finally succeeded! I IF from Weds 7.30 pm (when I have a normal sized dinner) to Thurs 6 pm (when I have a normal sized dinner + an extra small appetizer, like sashimi, or some roast beef). I also have a protein shake (made with unsweetened almond milk) after weights (3 * a week).


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    BarbeyGirl, your post reminded me I totally left out activity levels. Someone like you (w/ all your wild farm work activities on top of a pretty intense workout and riding schedule!) will totally have differing needs from a SAHM like me, where my most strenuous daily activity (aside from my short but intense workouts) is lifting my toddler...

    I've added that in as question 8!

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    1. Female

    2. 33

    3. One child and no plans for more.

    4. I almost lost my leg to a brown recluse bite. I'm working on getting strength and motion back. My daughter has autism and the primal/ketogenic diet has done wonderful things for her. I'm so happy I found this site. *also been vegan for years. I was worried about the switch, but I feel great and my skin and hair look better than ever. =)

    5. 70-75% fat, 15-25% protein, and 5-10% carbs.

    6.I have some tea in the morning and then I don't eat again till 6pm. I skip dinner on wednesday.

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    i love polls

    1) Malenn(divorced)

    2) 46

    4) excema on my knuckles....

    5) no idea of my ratios..

    6) id say under 200 consistently

    7) meals,,, no breakfast but cup of coffee black sometimes some berries and a few nuts later in the morning lunch most days not always and dinner.

    8) have not been good with the excercise lately to much work need to fix that. low acticity level

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    2) 25

    3)No kids yet, too young for menopause, on HBC (Ortho tri- cyclen Lo)

    4)hyopthyroidism, asthma, allergies

    5)60-75% fat ~20- 30% protein, ~5- 20% carb

    6)Always under 100, usually under 50-75

    7) late morning snack (usu a big piece of jerkey and a handful of nuts), lunch, dinner if I'm hungry, dark chocolate (tiny amt) somewhere in there, 3-5 20 oz mugs tea throughout day. So far, it seems that my ideal is to have my biggest meal around 1 and a few snacks here and there. I only IF in that I will occasionally forget to eat if I get really wrapped up in something (I'll get a reminder headache if I wait too long (24- 36 hrs, usu, depending on the previous meal) and a 24 hr fast Friday night to Saturday night.

    8) I walk around a lot at work and at home. I sit on an exercise ball at work, so I'm forever bouncing around on that. I go for my sprint/ medium level aerobic once or twice a week for 45 min. I'm still trying to get back in the weights groove.

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