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    Reaction to Mushrooms?

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    Is it possible that mushrooms could be causing dizziness, exhaustion, and congestion? About a month ago I was completely exhausted for a full month. At the end of June I started to feel better and was doing well through July. But yesterday and today I've been exhausted, having headaches, and I noticed a slight increase in congestion. The only thing I can think of is that I've had mushrooms in my breakfast the last 2 days and I had previously eaten a lot of them. But it's been a while since we had bought them just because they weren't on sale. I'm going to finish the package up quickly and then not buy them again for a while and see if I get better. But I was wondering if anyone has ever experienced this before? I seem to be fine with peppers, so I don't think it's a nightshade thing.

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    I haven't experienced the same symptoms, but began having difficulty with mushrooms about 10 years ago - severe heartburn is the usual symptom, but I've had asthma attacks as well. You mentioned nightshade - do mushrooms fall into that category? I've also developed similar problems with eggplant.

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    Surely mushrooms aren't in any way related to nightshades? They are a fungi .. quite a different thing, I would think...

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