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Thread: Still insulin resistant?

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    Still insulin resistant?

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    Hello, I've been primal for a month now. I have PCOS, and I haven't lost any weight, but I know I"ve been consuming ALOT of calories, too many to lose any weight at my activity level. I know I need to cut some cals to start losing pounds, but it's just too hard! I'm still spending so much of the time hungry, and the hunger actually gets worse after meals, accompanied by some pretty severe post meal fatigue. Is it possible that I'm still insulin resistant? Will the weight loss get easier after this has more time to heal?

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    Um yeah, I'm pretty sure that you're insulin resistant for a very, very long time and that it won't go away in a month, but will get better over time.

    I've been battling IR since last November, and I've come to the conclution that until I lose all the weight, I really need to watch the carbs and sugar AND dairy. (I've heard that dairy will spike your insulin higher than sugar.) Myself, I'm allergic to milk, but not to cheeses & yogurt. So I try to eat at least a little bit of those to help with probiotics, etc. but only a little bit.

    If you're insulin resistant, you need to go back and read mark's book, and the posts he has here. Basically, you HAVE to keep your carbs under 50. I aim for 30 or so. AND you can't have fruit, well, very much of it anyway. If you have insulin coursing through your system, then you WON'T be burning any fat, only making fat, even if you're hungry.

    Just wanted to jump in w/my $.02.

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