Background story: I'm 30, female, I'm obese but have lost weight doing Primal, and I'm in good health apart from food issues - I'm sensitive to gluten, sulphites and too much sugar generally. I've been Primal for 5 months, and after some nasty reactions to cheats I am now on the GAPS diet, have been very strict with it for 2 weeks so far.

I'm happy to eat this way for life if I need to, as I enjoy real food and I feel great. However it is not always practical and it would be nice if after a period of healing I could occasionally have a little cheat like a few beers or a bit of cake at a party etc.

I've seen 2 years quoted as the time it takes to heal fully. But people do this diet or put their children on it for various different health issues, so I'm sure there must be some variation in how long it takes. My symptoms have been GI discomfort/pain in reaction to gluten/excess sugar, and a hayfever-like reaction to sulphites. It is my understanding that the body's cells have a variety of different turnover rates, with the epithelial cells lining the GI and respiratory systems being a matter of weeks. The friendly bacteria also contribute to a healthy gut lining and can affect immune reaction to foods, and I would assume they have a fast turnover too.

So, it seems to me like my particular symptoms, with a strict adherence to the diet, ought to heal fairly quickly? In a matter of months rather than years?

Have you successfully healed your gut with the GAPS diet? How long was it before you were able to introduce more foods?