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Thread: Are EFA's really essential?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Betorq View Post
    This short article describes how both of these claims can be true - yet - how PUFA's should still be avoided in the diet (from Peat's point of view):

    PUFAs – Essential or Toxic?
    (1) I am 100% on-board with the primal exercise blue print. It reduces the problem of exercise down to its simplest form and provides a solution that can be used for a lifetime.

    (2) I'm not on-board with the primal diet blue print. In fact, I'm not on-board with any diet plan but a man can hope to find the right answer before it's too late.

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    Although from the start, it's completely asinine to make such a stark comparison between essential compounds like water and "EFAs", or even oxygen for that matter as they're all just pieces of chemical equations...

    There's an awesome synopsis in the latest Psychology Today about your topic:
    How men's minds reveal the wisdom of women's bodies

    Long story short version of that piece is
    -Women predominantly house their DHA stores in their hips
    -These stores are broken down in the later stages of pregnancy during the more important stages of the fetus's brain development
    -Women with higher DHA stores (and a better waist-to-hip ratio) produce children that are more intelligent, more successful, and reach sexual maturity faster
    -Men rate female body attractiveness largely related to their waist-to-hip ratio (women with a better ratio even cause special neurological responses in men hence why porn stars are shaped differently than runway models) most likely for the reasons listed above as it would ensure more successful offspring
    "You can demonstrate the purpose and limits of human digestion with a simple experiment: eat a steak with some whole corn kernels, and see what comes out the other end. It won’t be the steak."

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    Which actually I guess breaks down the argument to whether you are considering something "essential" to just not die, or "essential" to actually operate at proper functioning levels.
    "You can demonstrate the purpose and limits of human digestion with a simple experiment: eat a steak with some whole corn kernels, and see what comes out the other end. It won’t be the steak."

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    We need to look more at The 'parent' form omega-6 linoleic acid (LA). The 'parent' form omega-3 alpha-linolenic acid (ALA).. we don't get enough of them, most hear EFA's they shoot right for the fish oil which is high in omega 3, but omega 3 from fish is a derivative of the parent form. omega 3 from fish is EPA and DHA. But wait i thought "fish don't have oil glands", so how do they get oil from them. oh they juice them? what? research that. SOUNDS Rancid already.
    The far superior alternative is to get your PEO's from the highest quality source; organically grown and processed cold-pressed seeds. We need more of the parent forms in our bodies,
    Different organs in the body require different amounts and different ratios of PEFA omega-6 to PEFA omega-3 to function properly. Most organs require a 4:1 ratio, but the brain and nervous system, for instance, run happily on a 1:1 ratio whereas the muscles need a 5.5:1 - 7.5:1 ratio (depending on their physical condition) and, although not needing vast amounts overall, the skin needs a 1,000:1 ratio.
    As you can see, nearly all organs need more omega-6 than omega-3.
    When the supply of PEO's is less than the body's total requirement, the body prioritises delivery, feeding the organs it considers most important first: the brain, heart, lungs and kidneys. This, of course, results in 'less important' organs receiving inadequate supplies, leading to various illnesses.. sounds like breast cancer<< omega PEO's are oxygen magnets, less oxygen better chance of getting cancer. cancer doesnt like oxygen. once a cell is deprived of 35% percent or more oxygen it can become cancerous.
    If our body needs EPA and DHA Your body is able to convert ALA into EPA and DHA. Think we are all overdosing on high amounts of rancid fish oils that are body doesn't need. Look more into getting PEO's in your diet.

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