So I've been reading Ray Peat. I know, I know, I lost many of you right there.

But he raises a convincing argument about how unessential essential fatty acids actually are.
I'd like to look at it from a paleo perspective on this thread.

Has evolution failed? If not, how is it that after 10,000,000 years (or so) of human evolution there are essential nutrients, vital for survival and/or reproduction, that the body can't make for itself. Do we just need a 'little more time'?

Yet, the body is quite capable of synthesizing numerous 'non-essential' nutrients from yet other 'non-essential' nutrients. How did that happen?

Perhaps, just perhaps, ol' Ray Peat is right: if a nutrient is truly phsiologically 'essential' the body can synthesize it from other 'non-essential' nutrients and if can't synthesize it, it probably isn't essential after all.