I discovered this site back around March time and embarked on a mostly primal kind of diet from then. I was successful for the first three months or so. My skin cleared up, my stomach issues pretty much vanished, I was happy with the amount of energy I had and finally felt like I had kicked my diet demons.
By diet demons, I mean that I'd been addicted to sugar and used food to treat unhappiness or stress in my life. I was never overweight but I think I only got away with this as I'm quite active and would usually balance 'binges' with eating less elsewhere. Anyway, I finally felt on top of things. I had a newfound confidence in myself for being able to conquer this issue.

But recently I've been slipping up more and more. At first it was because I trusted myself to have a treat and then go back to good eating habits (I'm kind of a foodie and always loved baking and social eating/drinking so the idea of never having another homemade cake was just too strict for me), but then I think the old sugar addiction kicked off again. One cheat turned into a few days of making excuses and having a few more cheats than I should.

Now I'm annoyed at myself. I just ate five cookies because I was feeling sad and angry in the face of my waning creativity (I like to paint and write but I'm struggling to find the emotional energy). It's like the voice of reason just switches off for a few minutes.
I've mostly been sticking to primal-ish meals and today's little binge was a fairly isolated incident but I've been craving sweets and having the odd bit here and there, mostly emotionally-triggered. I'm concerned it's spiralling back to what it was.

Can anyone give me a slap across the face?! No, really...any advice? I so want to get my confidence back, but I keep telling myself I'll try harder then succumbing to temptation. Cue more reduced confidence.

Thank you if you read this far! - I know it's a bit lengthy. I guess I just wanted a sounding board and hopefully a pep talk!