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Thread: Primal Yard/Weed Control care?

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    Fertilizing and watering a lawn is madness, like pissing into a stream. The shit just gets washed down the line, in your case eventually into the gulf dead zone.
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    Quote Originally Posted by adameads View Post
    kinda where i'm leaning.

    Yeah, just do it. I'm a big fan of a nice green lawn, and ya just can't beat Scott's. I've been using them for years. I'm pretty much chemical free, but it ain't like I'm rolling around in the yard right after I fertilize anyway. Give it a couple-3 days to soak in and have at it, besides, you only need to fertillize about 4 times a year.

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    If you have to fertilize with something other than compost at least go organic. Chemical fertilizers create an endless loop of feast then famine which ultimately creates a poor soil and poisons the waterways.

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