Hi, all -- I've been trying to get more greens into my diet, but it's hard because most greens taste strange to me. I can eat baby spinach or romaine lettuce with no trouble, but the "hard stuff" like field greens, cabbages, kale, etc., all have a very strong, slightly bitter/medicine-y taste that I find fairly unpalatable. (I'm quite fond of things like carrots, broccoli, tomato, and red bell peppers, but I'm getting ready to cut out nightshades, so my intake of things that grow out of the ground is about to drop sharply.)

I've seen a lot of people here talking about green smoothies, and since I'm a big fan of my blender, I'm wondering if that's something that could work for me. I'm just leery of trying it out, and don't really know where to start. Most of my smoothies currently involve coconut and berries, sometimes coffee, sometimes pineapple on days I'm not watching my carb intake; putting in green stuff is brand new territory.

Green-smoothie-people, what do you put into your smoothies? Do they still come out tasting like field greens? Any suggestions/recipes would be welcome.