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Thread: The True Definition of Calories i.e. "Why what you believe is extremist BS"

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    The True Definition of Calories i.e. "Why what you believe is extremist BS"

    "What am I doing wrong?"

    "I can't lose weight no matter what I do!"

    "I couldn't lose weight on 1,200 calories a day but now can on 3,000 calories a day!"

    "I ate carbs and gained 5 lbs!"

    "Calories don't matter! It's all about insulin/leptin/insert hormone here."

    How many of these sensational, emotion-driven and completely ridiculous statements and thread titles do we see here on MDA on a daily basis? So much of what is sold in the health and fitness community is complete bullshit. People take extremist stances to play on people's emotions and capitalize on these emotions by telling people what they want to hear. The cornerstone of American society is becoming not taking responsibility for your own actions and blaming someone else. This is the mindset bloggers, gurus and authorities take advantage of. There are 10,000 different stories on this website alone where people were on 1,000 calorie a day deficits and couldn't lose weight but now eat whatever they want and lose as long as the foods are "Primal-approved."

    In short, people hate the word "calorie." A calorie suggests that people get fat by eating too much and not exercising enough - it basically says people who are overweight are lazy and gluttonous. Yea, it's not nice, but sugar-coating isn't approved on The Primal Blueprint, so deal with it. This is the weakness in people that the so-called "gurus" exploit to take your hard-earned money. Funny how people are so resistant to personal criticism yet have no problem being taken advantage of financially.

    Alas, this is where "context" comes in. I strongly suggest EVERYONE read this. Why? Because it's absolutely brilliant.

    The Sensible Middle Part 1 In Defence of Calories | Core Concepts Wellness

    I'd love to hear people's thoughts.
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