Trying primal pretty rigorously or 3 weeks now. Anybody ever experience initial weight gain before your body "gets the message"?

gone from 215 to 221 lbs.

What is my regimen?

No alcohol
No diet drinks or sweeteners
No caffeine
No grains
No sugar
No bread, no rice, no cereal, no sweets

Salads out the ass (literally)
Lean meats, some nuts
Light fruit
Light exercise
Carbs around 75-100g per day

I "feel" thinner and I know that scales can't be trustworthy sometimes, but I got a big WTF moment when I weighed in for the first time since starting. I wasn't expecting to drop 10lbs but maybe 3 or 4 since starting?

What do I have 10lbs of crap in me? Been crapping regularly.

Perplexed. Any thoughts?