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Thread: A new "So, What's For Dinner" thread

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    Cauliflower rice mixed in with home made lamb stock and season with chilli powder, turmeric, fenugreek, cumin, etc etc.

    Quick, easy, filling, delicious!

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    Last night was a quick fix because i was tired from gardening. dinner was a stirfry of thinly sliced arm beef, onions, yellow bell peppers, crimini mushrooms, and curly leaf kale.

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    I'm working on tomato sauce made with tomatoes from our garden and italian sausage made from local pastured pork, to go over spagetti squash for dinner tonight. Lunch was leftover ground lamb and eggplant with some local feta and then figs from our tree stuffed with San Andre cheese.
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    Chowder with fresh clams & cod. Bought some slab bacon from farmer's market, slowly rendered the diced bacon, added onion, bay leaf, butter, S&P until translucent. Poured in clam liquor and liquid from poaching the cod, then diced potatoes. Finished with heavy cream - so yummy the kids wolfed it down and we are having the same tonight. Making a zinfandel of beef tomorrow - so much yum. I eat a lot of bone broth with greens and eggs during the week so weekend decadence makes me happy.

    Dessert has just been crushed pineapple or berries lately.

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    Tonight is bison ribeye night. I have to figure out a side dish. Perhaps something with that bag of kale in the fridge that refuses to go away.

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    My honey came home today...
    So there will be real food tonight.
    A couple of big double cut pork chops from a shaggy, fatty, FL wild pig will be seasoned and grilled to perfection.
    A pile of grilled asparagus, red peppers, and onions will also make an appearance on the plates.
    I'm feeling the need for some spicy chipotle aioli too...

    Since there will be spicy aioli... chances are there will be some dipping of raw celery by husband as well.
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    Spaghetti (drained/fried konjac noodles) w/ GFBeef home-made tomato sauce. Side salad & steamed cauliflower & broc. Figs from the tree nearby...
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    Mmmm...fresh figs!

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    Oven roasted butternut squash - I got a big 5 lb one at my military commissary for 59 cents a pound. $3 for a huge 5 lb squash is not bad at all. There was an 8 lb monster too. I ought to go back and get that one too...

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    Oxtail stew with roasted turnips and mushrooms tonight (my first time preparing it) - so far it smells great and the broth/sauce is really tasty. I had liver on Friday night so I'm feeling good about getting my offal in the this week. Since I have the oven on I'm roasting up a whole chicken for chicken mushroom soup for my lunches all week. I love having lots of great food all prepared ahead - makes for a smooth transition to the work week
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