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No photos neckhammer? I've ben eating Korean style lately, some Japanese too. Okinawan food, all I recall about it, is it's more tropical than central or northern Nipponese cuisine, ie lots of turmeric & more fruits, even coconut i think i recall... I too love eatin me some delish pig (hmmm, ribs! just bought 8 lbs of 'em), after a life time of mostly not eating pork (raised in a kosher home as a child, though i did eat pepperoni pizza as a teen & in college).

I just got a new Samsung Android fone & a tablet too & a hd sports digicam. So I'll be producing some hi qual hd food porn fotos soon. I took a MAJOR break from MDA, was good to get/be away. It's good to be back, in more moderate frequency than before hopefully.

I'll employ the slow crockpot stew with my next batch of ribs too. It's a lot of work & time to prep them for bbq (though I do have it down now to falling off the rib bone w/ home-made bbq sauce made w/ touch of stevia , touch of local honey, LOTS of chilis). I eat those ribs a lot faster than I like to admit.

Tonight I had left over 3 bean chili w/ grass fed beef & typical veggies(not much, it was the last of it), plus another 1/3 of a lb of grass fed beef lightly cooked w/ thinly sliced yellow onions, wakame, tamari, vinegar, coconut oil, kimchi juice & a big 'ol bunch of steamed collard greens marinated in kimchi juice + a small salad of Korean lettuces (2 different kinds/colors), cukes, maters, herbed brie chunks w/ a huge helping of chocolate, an entire 3.5 oz dark bar.
welcome back! not 'seen' you for ages