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    BBQ slow cooker baby back ribs. home made bbq sauce from the recipe in ISWF! And nummy veggies roasted in ghee.

    It was a bit of a meat overload but I feel.... AMAZING.

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    Grilled mahi-mahi marinated in mojo criollo (bitter orange juice, olive oil, oregano, garlic, salt and cumin)and a salad of butter lettuce, red onions and feta. I made a dressing with a bunch of stuff I just threw together, sour cream, olive oil, garlic, onion powder, dill, fish sauce, horseradish, salt and white pepper. Turned out really tasty. Then on the side chopped roasted red peppers in garlic olive oil.

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    Last night's evening repast was a small thin skinless wild Pacific salmon filet slow cooked in its own juices, with presoaked sliced shitake mushrooms & thinly sliced kombu strips, and some spicy red Thai curry paste mixed into 2 TSPs of coconut oil. Once it was nearly done, I added more coconut flakes to absorb the liquid & form a thick sauce. At the same time, I also brought water to a boil, dropped 7 medium to large local wild prawns into the water, removed the pot from the stove top, letting them sit in the water while I prepared my plate. Big dollop of sauerkraut, a medium sized tomatillo sliced in wedges & 2 small avocados also wedged. The dipping sauce for the prawns was 50/50 coconut oil/olive oil, Thai fish sauce, wasabi & cayenne hot sauce, thickened with a bit of coconut flakes to give it body. Concluded this meal with a full glass of freshly brewed double fermented raspberry-lemon-ginger infused kombucha (2nd short ferment gives it a champagne bubbly fizzy effect).

    Admission of resurrection of an old addiction: I'm crazy about these local Georgia prawns I keep stockpiling & consuming when they go on sale for $3.99/lb. I mean DAYUM, they are slurpilicious!

    When I decided to become a vegetarian in college, my favorite food was shrimp anything. I planned my last animal/flesh meal @ a local favorite restaurant & gorged on shrimp, haha. Years later, when I returned from India having broken free of my suffering end years of veganism, when I landed in the USA, the 1st meal I had was a plate full of shrimp & a big ass salad (not many of salads to be had in India in the '90s, different there now). So now you know, I LOVE PRAWNS & think about them when I'm out of them (shrimp are small ones, PRAWNS are big 'uns...). This time I bought a surplus & stocked up the freezer with segregated 1 lb zip lock freezer baggies. Plus what I have in the bottom crisper for myself...
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    Blue eyed cod in crusted almond and smashed pea mash with crispy proscuitto

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    Baked some chicken breasts last night for ease of dinner making tonight. My plan is to make a cream sauce with sauteed mushrooms, broccoli, and cauliflower to go with. Brown rice for my kids.

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    Grilled salmon with butter, onions, walnuts and seasoning.
    Also grilled - mushrooms, summer squash and zucchini in olive oil as a side.

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    Ate out tonight

    Pan seared duck breast, sautéed spinach and mashed sweet potatoes with jalapeño peppers, fig gastrique. And a bottle of Crispin The Saint cider.

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    Tuna steak...not quite sure how to cook those yet - any suggestions? Are they normally pretty firm? (Vegetarian for the last 17 years lol...all this meat is new to me!)

    Also, homemade kale chips that would have been so amazing had I not salted the HELL out of them. To help solve this problem, I created little cucumber, kale chip, kerrygold cheese stacks! The cucumber helped distribute the salt and I believe I created quite a nice little appetizer/snack!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Moll View Post
    Tuna steak...not quite sure how to cook those yet - any suggestions? Are they normally pretty firm? (Vegetarian for the last 17 years lol...all this meat is new to me!)
    Take it out of the fridge and let it get to room temp before cooking. Rub with a mix of wasabi, tamari, garlic and anything else that tickles your taste buds. (let it marinade a while if you have time) Get a saute pan really hot. (I like to use coconut oil for seafood but any fat will do. Sear really quickly on both sides leaving the inside a little rare. Slice and put over a salad.

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    I'm feeling like gnawing on bones tonight and I've got some nice marrow bones for it.

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