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Thread: A new "So, What's For Dinner" thread

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    1 large grass-fed highland breed beef heart, cut into big chunks/slices in the crock pot with the following:

    a squirt of ACV, a bunch (5oz?) of wine that wasn't very good, and a 12 oz. can of V8

    salt, pepper, cinnamon, garlic, ginger, cayenne, chili powder, turmeric, onion powder, red pepper flake, allspice

    Somehow this recipe always scratches my barbecue sauce itch. We'll probably have it with/over cauliflower because there's one in the fridge.

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    Tonight I think I'll pick up a plain rotisserie chicken from the market because I forgot to take out stuff to defrost while I'm at work! Whoops! Luckily I have lots of veggies to pair it with, and I can make a good broth out of the carcass! Yum!
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    Tonight ... Fillet steak and kale.

    Plain and simple, no fuss, no mess ... then out for a few hours repeatedly stabbing people in the chest!

    Fencing, if you're confused by that last bit.

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    I have meatloaf baking in the oven. It's gonna be cold, but oddly that's how we like it.
    I make it with lean beef, a bit of grated cheddar, eggs, chopped onions and garlic. Then I weave 12 bacon strips, cover the log shaped loaf and bake. Just gotta figure out side(s).


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    We had grassfed beef burgers stuffed with garlic and with a shmeer of chevre cheese on top with a side of Chinese eggplant in a tomato/basil/garlic sauce.

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    A shmeer of chevre, huh? Oy!

    I finished off the local prawns tonight. We had egg salad appetizer & left over marinated artichokes & mixed veggies as a warm up. Then the largish lightly boiled prawns, I ate about a bit more than a 1/2 lb. Steamed side of kale with melted salted butter sharing a small plate with wild arugula & tommy toes sliced in 1/2, some sauerkraut, with a balsamic vinaigrette over the top.
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    Tonight was...

    1 lb pasture-raised pork chops fried in a tablespoon of coconut oil and seasoned with an all organic blend of Cajun blackening spices. This was placed on top of a seven egg omelet also cooked in a tablespoon of coconut oil that was filled with two cups of kale and a chopped up and still seeded habanero pepper to add some potent antioxidants and heat. On the side was a cup of sauerkraut.

    I believe the whole thing was about 1,500 - 1,550 calories. And damn, if it wasn't good. A top way to break my daily fast.

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    I got a tooth worked on today and don't feel like chewing so I'm having bone marrow for dinner <sluuurp>

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    Tonight is Moroccan style Ratatouille, the squash and eggplant are first grilled and then mixed with sauteed peppers, onions, garlic and tomatoes, the addition of 2 types of paprika makes it Moroccan. We are also having wild caught salmon with pistachio pesto. Sbhikes linked to this recipe and boy is it tasty!

    Pistachio Pesto Recipe - - 110688

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    Chili, round two... with grass-fed cheddar and greek yogurt on top.

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