I am new to this whole Primal way of living. I love the concepts and simplicity. I am training to run a marathon in the fall. I have run two marathons before and a couple half-marathons. I have of course been eating lots of carbs and haven't lost any weight really with all the training I do. I don't have a lot of weight to lose, I'm not overweight, but I definitely have some fat to burn! I want to become a "fat-burning machine", but I am finding it difficult while training. I do two workout runs a week, and one long run. I also do a couple really easy runs and cycle once a week. I fit in some yoga and weights in there when I can. I have been trying to eat more carbs on the heavy workout days (bananas, sweet potatoes), and after a long run. I am finding some of my workouts to be lagging due to the lower carb intake, but I will just keep going and see what happens. Will I still be albe to become a fat-burner??? Any information is greatly appreciated!! Thanks!