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Thread: Primal Journal - Addicted to Convenience

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    Primal Journal - Addicted to Convenience

    Hello my name is Jeff and I am an Industrialized food junkie. I doubt I am as much addicted to the food as I am the convenience. Not to mention the chain grocery stores have perfected the art of making me buy food I don't need.

    I am 43 and in pretty good health. I excercise on regular basis mostly doing martial arts with some running thrown in. I need to add some resistance training in to help round out my regimen.

    I live with my wife, daughter and mother in-law. My wife has lost over fifty pounds on wieght watchers so i am very proud of her. My mom in-law is a junk food addict and considers icecream a meal. So making my pantry primal will be impossible.

    Day 3 meals 7-24-12

    4 egg omelette with garden tomatoes, mushrooms, feta, and cooked in coconut oil ( my new favorite though I will use butter on occasion as well )

    banana, peach, about 1 oz dry roasted cahsews ( non organic with non primal oils added, I will work on this )

    Chipotle salad with chicken, fajita veg, tomato salsa, cheese, guac, and dressing ( 1 tablespoon ). I had some chips also... Damn it I'm weak

    Bolognese sauce over broccoli ( better than i thought ) , asparagus spears, and a cheese filled breadstick...another moment of weakness.

    2 beers lager style

    Overall I had good energy all day. I had a little stomach discomfort, which i attribute to the Chipotle salad. Probably the guac as I don't usually get it on my chipotle meals. I know there is alot fat from the avocado that my gut is not used to processing. It was delicious and hopefully i'll be able to adapt to it.

    My activity time was spent working on a damaged gutter and shingles on my house. Climbing up and down a ladder and staying focused on not falling off roof is pretty good excercise.

    Any and all comments or criticisms are greatly appreciated. Well maybe not the criticism so much but I may need some tough love from time to time.

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