Hi all, I'm so new to this kind of way of living, it sounds much more appealing to my former misguided way of eating myself with nuts and yogurt in the morning. I also always thought chickpea was good for you.... So I recruit all the time in or as a side with my salad. Then are pasta or potatoes for supper with veggies.

Starting tomorrow I'm going to start slow, will have an omelette for breakfast for a change.
A few questions to ask though: I have left overs from my previous diet. such as lots of chickpeas in the refrigerator. I am not one to waste food. I also have yogurts near expiry that needs to be cleaned up, is yogurts ok on primal?
What about shredded cheese? Cottage Cheese? I live with my family, Mon is entirely in charge of Supper, which is always pasta or potatoes with some chicken or veggies. Example tomorrow is scalloped potato with meatloaf (contain oats)

What do I do, refusing to eat supper or trying to change it will result in a conflict for sure, it is not my place to do so.
But I do have near full control over what I eat at breakfast and lunch. Will eating primal 2 meals a day and eating what is provided for supper detail the whole effort? Thanks