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Thread: UK - FSA demanding "less saturated fats" in sweets etc.

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    Yeah, lets take out the saturated fat! Now, what are we gonna replace it with.......? Lets see if we can make all this sugary, carby junk an even bigger ticking timebomb!

    Way to go FSA. Preaching completely the wrong bloomin' CW messages, as always. Nice the see the clueless Diabetics Association chipping in there too

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    Stick to the slow food, organic, old-fashioned, traditional, thrifty, Hugh-Fearlessly-EatsItAll type stuff

    If I read all the advice out there I'd have a stress induced heart attack!

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    Sorry, but I have to hijack this and go on a bit of a rant.

    Years ago I loved Oreos. Then some CW pricks pressured Nabisco into getting rid of their tropical oils (coconut and/or palm oil, or- high in saturated fats), and replace them with hydrogenated vegetable oils. So not only did they suck by the time the pricks were done with them, they were worse for you. If you can believe that.

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