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    I've been reading Mark's book (not done with it yet though) and I think under the listing of meats to avoid were things like sausages,deli cuts and bacon? I know deli meats are super processed and have lots of chemicals and other nasties, but sausage and bacon? I've read lots of stuff on the site and in the forum about people using bacon and bacon drippings. I got some bacon from my farmer's market (local, pastured pigs)but now wonder whether I can really eat a good deal of it or avoid it. Same with sausages. I love Flying Pigs Farm sausages (local, pastured) and their ingredient list is simple (meat, fat, spices.The end).

    So now I'm confused as to whether I can enjoy these foods along with my other natural meats or should they be on the no-no list?

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    He's definitely talking about the commercial variety when he says to avoid bacon & sausage. The commercial variety has numerous chemicals and usually a sugar-like product added to it.

    If what you are buying is all natural like you say, then go ahead and eat it guilt free. You'll find everyone here will help enable a good bacon habit!

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    I usually buy a natural sausage where the ingredients are just pork and spices. Farmland has a variety just called "Original" that I use.

    For bacon I use only sugar free low sodium bacon. If you have Smith's or King Sooper's in the area, Kroger makes the best one.

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    Just picked up some organic pork and turkey bacon today, going to dig in soon enough with a bunch of eggs =)


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