I've been eating almost 100% primal for a month and wasn't losing any weight until I restricted my carbs to 30-70g. It works, but the problem now is it takes me a LONG time to feel full after eating. I try to wait 20 minutes after eating but then still feel hungry and often end up binging only to feel uncomfortably stuffed 1 to 3 hours later. It is usually all "safe" primal foods too- canned and smoked fish, tomatoes, raw coconut, frozen coconut oil with cocoa and meat leftovers, not binging on nuts or fake muffins here... So what's wrong with me??

I don't think I'm eating too little because I'm hardly losing any weight, but here are the numbers: I'm a 23 yo, female, 5'8" and 180lb (I wear size 10 or 12 and people always think I way much less, so I guess I also have decent muscle mass?); trying to get to 150, easy walking/hiking every day and doing short sessions of weights 3X week. I just recently started counting calories to try to stay under 1800, but when I overeat it ends up being closer to 3000

Any help or input would be really appreciated!