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    Iíve been standing for years!As soon as I can figure out how to post a photo at this forum I post the workstation I made. Actually if a person can snag a hospital bed table those are WONDERFUL! You could actually place a treadmill under it and then set the speed for 0.7 [as per Dr. Levineís suggestion] and get some Grok slow walking in.

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    You know, a standing table at work would be great.

    Funny, I hate sitting at bars, I'd rather stand...not sure why, it's just more comfortable!

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    lol power your computer with the treadmill. it turns off if you stop walking. thats motivation!

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    Here is my standing desk at work...

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    Just saw this post over at Apartment Therapy. I'm going to have a standing desk, probably more of a shelf, to put my laptop on and have a sitting desk for my PC as well so I can alternate. This looks to be a good resource with links to various options. Some of the links are no longer active, and some of the desks are damned expensive, but there are some affordable options as well.

    Best Wall-Mounted Desks for Small Spaces | Apartment Therapy Marketplace

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    I saw this one when I was searching around. Still kicking around the idea, any thoughts?

    Space-Saving Fixed Height Workstation, 29w x 20d x 56h, Charcoal - Supply Brothers | Business Supplies & Office Products

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    Standing is great, but if you can, build/buy a tread desk. I built one in early January and I can't say enough about it. I only get about 80-100 miles per month, but that is a billion times better than just sitting there staring at a screen. Even if you aren't ready to do the tread desk, but might consider it in the future, try to buy a standing desk that you can put a treadmill under. It is totally worth it. JMHO.
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    And if you are a poor person who can afford neither a standing desk nor a treadmill, then you can just buy a cheap set of pedals for about 30.00 and put them under your desk or in front of you when you watch TV and pedal away. They basically are a small stand with a set of bike pedals - usually with some type of resistance setting you can adjust.

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    I converted my desk at work to a standing desk, and I love it. I had to buy my own drafting stool for sitting, when needed, but I stand at least half the time.

    My boss located a tall desk for me to use, however it is small and makes hand writing difficult. I didn't realize how much writing I did by hand until I had no room!

    That space saving desk is 29" wide, so I guess you'll just have to determine if that is enough room for you, since I'm guessing you also need room for a keyboard, mouse & whatever else you need.

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