I'm a big believer in the paleo diet and that it's good for your all-round health. I also believe that moles on the skin are a symptom of 'something' and that in perfect health a person wouldn't have lots of moles.

You can probably see where this is going- I have lots of moles that have bugged me my whole life. It's especially annoying as everyone else in my family has 'normal' skin. I suspect that having light treatment for jaundice at birth or something else I haven't considered might be at the root of it. I seem to have had a problem with sugar- it caused my long-term severe acne that's now clearing up since I've cut all refined sugar (don't I sound attractive right now)!

Anyway, whatever the cause, I'm still only young (26) and to be honest I'm sick of feeling as if I can't even wear a pair of shorts or a swimsuit without feeling really awful. I'm not particularly insecure, honest, but I look as if someone got a straw and blew chocolate milk over my legs and arms (my torso is clear, inexplicably). It might be a long shot, but anyone have any ideas on why moles are caused (I've read they may be fungus related, or due to some kind of deficiency, etc.) and how to get rid of them naturally?

My doctors all refuse to get rid of them as they're benign, regular, etc. and there's no history of skin cancer in my family so I either fork out hundreds and see a laser specialist or I heal myself from within and get rid of them that way. I've heard the paleo diet helps with so much, including acne, sunburn, so why not moles?

Please tell me I'm not crazy thinking this might be possible!