I've been making an effort to get a lot of sun this summer and feeling great but given my history of fall/winter depression, I think I want to start looking for a D supplement before the summer is over. I also want something for my husband who works an office job and only gets weak early morning and late day sun as he walks from the office to the subway to the bus (ie - pretty much nothing to speak of).

I went to the supermarket and every D3 I found had soybean oil. Before I even started eating this way I had already figured out that soy oil and my digestive system do not mix. I know it's a small amount, but since I'm sure there are brands out there that don't have it, I'd prefer to not chance it (well, that plus I'm doing a Whole 30 in August and I really want to try and do it right).

Any brands of D3 without soy (or grain) oil to recommend? I have a Whole Foods near me plus there's always Amazon.