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Thread: I Keep Overeating! Help!

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    Unhappy I Keep Overeating! Help!

    I am really upset with myself over this. I am a former sufferer of Anorexia and since I started to Primal diet lifestyle i've been eating more than I've ever allowed myself but I am gaining weight because I just override my natural point of satiety.

    How can I stop doing this?

    I am really struggling with my weight and if I don't sort this out I'm terrified I will resort to my old behaviours to sort it out, not something I ever want to do again.

    Thank you in advance xxx

    p.s. I am 25 year old female at 5ft 3inches. I don't know what my weight is I avoid scales although I have been a normal weight for about a year now but it keeps increasing, but I know from my clothes that my weight continues to creep up so right now I just want to stabilise losing weight would be a bonus but I just need to get my bearings and its just not happening.
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