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    Quote Originally Posted by jakey View Post
    hi, i hope you find advice you can work with here, but i'm writing to recommend that you seek professional assistance with issues like this. it can be a huge help for (what i'm sure you know!) are serious problems. good luck.
    This. Chances are no amount of recommendations for bonebroth/iodine supplementing/macro-rearranging is going to help much with underlying psychological issues you have with eating.

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    The book Women, Food and God by Geneen Roth really helped me with emotional eating. Essentially, the compulsive/emotional eating needs to be addressed before any diet will really work. I love her books and her messages. Her book has made it a bit easier for me to embrace the Primal Diet because I don't look at it like a diet or a way to manage my weight but as something I want to do to take care of myself.

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    It's probably lean mass (Muscle!) now you're eating properly.

    That's a good thing. Muscle weighs more than fat too.

    Ignoring the scales is a smart move too, go by what you see in the mirror.

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    I discover I eat more when I am near to my pattern or I've began the day with fruit or some such carbs. If I adhere to mainly aminoacids for morning meal like sausage and egg and keep off on the fruit until at least the afternoon meal I am not as prepared to eat as much.

    I wish I had scraps, I get ready enough for what seems like 10 individuals but I have three kids, two are teenagers, and they eat everything I create so no scraps to eat on later. If you want I can mortgage them to you

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    Thank you everyone for your help. I really appreciate this. I think portion control is my main issue. I eat huge portions and can't leave any behind without feeling guilty. It sounds like I'm not the only one with the problem.

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    Hi Supercell, I've been using Primal to help recover from a recent episode of anorexia, and so far it's working really well for me.

    I've gained a few pounds (which I probably look better for) and my weight has happily plateaued now at about 138llbs (I'm 5.10). I dedicated myself a few weeks ago to three primal meals a day and snacks if I needed them (as in eat my own arm off starving). I mentally and physically feel so much better and I have rarely overeaten, though I too sometimes have problems with portion size. I put it all on my plate first and try and judge intuitively how hungry I am. It's better for me not to go back for more.

    I deliberately increased my fat load and red meat load, and made myself eat breakfast which I am now a great fan of! I have trigger foods which lead to binge eating, namely any form of sugar including dried fruit and honey, and nuts. My diet is probably 98% primal. And even though I've gained about 10llbs, I still fit into my clothes...amazing.

    I see a psychiatrist as this is dangerous stuff, as you know. And Overeaters Anonymous has helped me with binges and also to see my undereating as an unhelpful player in my life. I'm doing really well I think. I hope you can find what works for you This is a good palce for support, but you know yourself how insidious the disease of anorexia is. Good luck!

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