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    I agree with Primalchild. He looks kind of puffy. I went onto his site, found no pictures of him (well I didn't actually stay that long because the site was so boring) and the avatar of a guy with a six pack holding a pig's head is definitely not him if his face is anything to go by. No, I've just started PB cos I want to look like Mark and not Matt ;-)


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    I agree with Jo. Things were all fine and dandy with me until the other side of 37...that's when things tend to catch up with you.

    I did WAPF for 10 years and ended up with metabolic syndrome anyway. Eating soaked grains didn't help one bit and I was keeping my grain servings to 3 a day.

    I'm more in line with what Kurt Harris says, even if you neutralize it, it's still a poison, why eat it?

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    Good for Richard on that post at Free the Animal. The more I read on Matt's blog, the more I see his abrasiveness towards other people who are trying to be healthy...

    I didn't even see the sarcasm towards Mark, Kurt and Richard until recently. And let's not forget that post about Jimmy...

    Thanks guys. The more I read on his site, the more I realize that posting this thread was unnecessary.

    @DebFM Thanks for your input on the WAPF issue. I was having no luck with soaking at all. Better to just keep them out of my body.

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    Rheia, I was the same way when I reintroduced soaked grains like quinoa and millet - those things turned on the right "buttons" and before I knew it I was eating rice-flour muffins and oat-flour bagels and rye bread and gaining 20lbs. This was after 2 years grain-free. I know now to just Stay Away no matter who is telling me grains are healthful. Maybe for some they are; for me they are the gateway to binge eating.

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    No comment.

    Mark, stop the spamming already! (Just kidding (but that really is spam (^^)))

    Well, whatever, I think there is a lot of misconception about what Matt Stone advocates and what he doesn&#39;t and I also think that people who only read his posts and omit the comment section really are missing a part of the picture.

    Actually I didn&#39;t want to post anything here, but I read Marks, spam post and just had to react to that. ^^

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    I read Matt&#39;s site, and I&#39;ve been following all this to see where his whole HED thing is going. I know where he started on that idea - I&#39;ve read a lot of the same source material - but I don&#39;t see how he got to the whole stuffing mass quantities of starches thing.

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    I've been taking a look at the site every now and then. It seems he's getting a lot of people to gain weight with his HED and recommending milk diets (on the order of 15 pounds in one case). From what I understand, he thinks the weight gain is a temporary thing while the body readjusts to a wholesome, nutrient-rich diet. I wonder how long he expects it to take for the weight to come back off again.

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    that comment about 'satisfaction of feeling pregnant...' omfg..... !!!! I want to shoot him.

    (Obviously to get pregnant you might need to convince your body that you are existing in a time of plenty and have enough calories readily available to grow and feed a child, so you're probably going to up your carbs a bit. I wonder if this is how paleo women managed to control their fertility to some degree and not spend their entire lives pregnant?... just a little tangent there... anyway I'm done having babies thank god)

    To me this comes down to, as always, listening to advice, deciding if the person has a solid background or not, and then deciding whether to take that advice or do deeper research yourself. If people want to just blindly go along with this guy, that's their issue.

    I've read Mark's blog, feel he has a thorough knowledge and also like the fact that he keeps up with current views and seems ready to re-assess his position on things (eg flax seed) when new knowledge comes to light. this is SCIENCE folks - real science - not dogma.

    And plus - I've gotten pretty much everything I know from Mark's blog, guided by the free email course he's created. Having a hardback of his book will be great, but he doesn't treat his knowledge as secret wisdom he'll share for a fee.

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    Arrogance doesn't go a long way in this realm of debunking conventional wisdom to have people follow a fitness and eating standard. That's what turns me off about Matt Stone.. and speaking of which the guy over at Free the Animal as well.

    I saw the interview yesterday and while he opened the posts to feedback, he called someone's feedback 'stupid' and he also responded to another guy saying he 'can and do whatever I want.' As soon as I read that I unsubscribed.

    As Mark acknowledges in his book and in the interview, he's always open to feedback and changing his position or providing more data to back up his claims. That sort of attitude is what creates the biggest following of this Primal/Paleo sort on the net.

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    Danimal, I saw that too on FTA and was a quite disappointed. I was actually going to leave feedback until I saw the blatant rude reply he left to the one person who did offer (good) advice.

    I think I'll be watching Matt's HED experiment from afar. It's surprising to me that so many people are on board to try it out.

    I love the community at MDA and am so thankful for it. Nice to know I can leave a comment without being yelled at.

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