I have been on and off on the Warrior Diet. Hopefully after my questions get answered on this forum. I can do it full time and for many years to come.

1. Just the other day on my first trial basis day on the warrior diet. My boss told me I looked pale. Will this go away? I mean looking pale. Seriously I bet I looked really really hungry. My first day I had a banana, water and a apple in the morning before I showed up to work.

2. Do I eat small Paleo based snacks throughout the day and then have a full meal for dinner?

3. How long until the hunger pains go away?

4. I'm afraid of losing muscle while doing this. I'm I getting nervous over nothing? I just want to burn the fat off my body.

5. For anyone else that is doing this as well please share any tips you have that can help.

By the way I have a warehouse job so that keeps me going throughout the day. I do a lot of walking, lifting, bending over to pick things up, crouching. It's a very active job.