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Thread: Dreaming again! Phone is the blame

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    Dreaming again! Phone is the blame

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    So I was reading in some comment that putting your phone away from head while you sleep helped someone sleep better
    I always charge it next to me so decided to try.
    Ever since I did it, I'm having dreams, vivid ones!
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    interesting. i sleep with my phone on the table next to me, charging, every night and i dream every night.

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    Dec 2011
    I've always dreamt most nights and have only had my phone (for the alarm) next to me for the past week. Can't imagine not dreaming??

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    i know a biodynamic wine grower who keeps ALL his electronics in an outbuilding, separate from his house. tv, computer, everything. he leaves his cell phone there at night and trots on home to bed. he claims to always sleep like a baby.

    now that my computer is in another room and many, many feet from my bed, i sleep even better than before.
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