Okay, sounds a bit stupid, but hear me out! The last few times I've had a tattoo, I've had a period where I get all shaky and faint, which usually occurs a few minutes into the tattooing process. This seems to be fixed quite nicely by sucking on a lollipop! In fact, I started sucking the lollipop at the start of my last tattoo, and I had no faintness or dizziness.

Anyways, now I'm Primal I really, REALLY don't want to have to resort to sugar. BUT I am scared that the same thing will happen, and I'll get all faint and dizzy and the only thing that will fix it will be to suck on something evil and sugary .

I haven't been primal for very long (I have been introducing more traditional fats/foods etc. but I was still consuming too much sugar up until only about a week ago), and I really REALLY don't want to fall off the bandwagon here.

So has anyone got any advice/experience? Is there anything else you know that will stave off the "shock" reaction my body seems to have>