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Thread: Are Pork Rinds primal legal?

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    Are Pork Rinds primal legal?

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    They are just fried pork skins, no additives. I ate them before when on Atkins, but am not sure if they are legal here or not.
    Thanks in advance

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    AFAIK they are.

    The UTZ brand are pork skins fried in their own fat. So just make sure they aren't fried in anything funny.

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    yeah, beware the oil used and the flavored ones often have weird ingredients, plus sugar or hfcs.

    the salt makes me blow up like a balloon so i don't have them.
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    You know what I did over the weekend? I filled a shallow bowl with pork rinds, shredded some cheddar cheese over them, microwaved it until the cheese melted, dumped some salsa on top. Oh man. Yeah. I would've dolloped some greek yogurt and avocado on top but was waaaay too lazy at the time.

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