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    pklopp, that may be the most interesting and plausible idea yet... i'm scanning memory, and i do believe you're right. i also know that long, leisurely walks have always helped me recover from any DOMS, and now i'm thinking that it has to do with blood flow.

    NicMcCool - right now, as i type this, my glutes are all swollen and emo! fucking hilarious description

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    Quote Originally Posted by NicMcCool View Post
    I'm kinda with primalrob on this one. Again, pure speculation, but I don't think the body completely stops the recovery process, I think it just slows it down to the least necessary parts of the body.
    For example, say I do some wicked bro curls, and the next day my bi's are on fire. Day two I do supes heavy squats and all of a sudden my bi's feel perfectly fine but my glutes are all swollen and emo. The thing that happens to me is if I have a good recovery on day three (shit-tons of food and water) then I'll actually feel my bi's come back around to being sore just like my legs.
    Hahaha best thing I've read all day!

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