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Thread: Is Quinoa a grain?

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    got my #s from fitday... maybe we're talking cooked vs uncooked cups?

    either way I was just looking for something safe I could cook my starch addicted DH as I wean him off grains.

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    Well, Willow, I tried being gluten-free before I became Primal.

    I gave up all the glutenous grains, and certainly all breads and noodles, and just had a few non-conventional grains like buckwheat and quinoa. Heck, they're not even grasses!

    Then I went Primal, and after just a few days I tried adding a tablespoonful of quinoa to a vegetable and meat stew to give it a little more body.

    It gave it more body all right. I felt CRUMMY.

    I decided that as far as my digestion is concerned, yes, it's a grain.

    That said, it used to taste nice with some butter and soy sauce on it, and it's surely a lot better than many other grains. Maybe you could use it as a transition for your husband.

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