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    The most universal effect of switching to eating primal, high-fat foods is that hunger is diminished massively. However, has anyone else experienced a reduction in how thirsty they get?

    For me, I've only really noticed this past week, but I am drinking water a lot less than I used to, both in quantity and frequency. Pre-primal, I used to gulp bottles of water and still feel somewhat thirsty. Now, I take a couple of sips and I'm completely fine.

    I'm really liking these subtle changes that the PB brings!

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    It depends on the body, but when you eat a ton of carbs and increase your blood sugar, your body tells you to drink more water to "dilute" the sugar and pee it out.

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    Yes. I used to drink alot of water. Now much less frequently.

    I do drink a mad amount of tea though. But that's because I like tea.

    Still, I am infrequently "thirsty" now. I might have a cup of filtered water with lemon in the morning, or at night. But mostly no.

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    Funny you mention this. I've only been primal for 1.5-2 weeks but I'm not drinking near as much water. I used to take a water bottle to work and fill it up constantly throughout the day. Now I'll take an empty bottle and not even fill it up. I've also noticed that at home when I pour a glass of water like I used to I only drink about half of it. I'm curious what causes this.

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