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Thread: Small victory in convincing BF, advice needed please!

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    I believe that for an athlete it's 1g of protein per lb of LBM (lean body mass.) Which, for him, would be 228.8g of protein a day. Just wanted to clarify.

    Going over this page might help him/you:

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    Yes, many sources say 1g protein per pound of LBM. I was citing Rob Wolff, who recommends 1g per pound of TOTAL bodyweight.

    I used that number because it appears the OP's SO works out quite hard and is very concerned about losing muscle mass.

    If, however, fat loss matters most to him, he could certainly go with the lower protein recommendation.

    Either is likely to work pretty well, and only he can fine-tune it.

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    I don't think he's the right guy for you. Imo you should break it off before it's too late.

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    Pandadude that shake sounds delicious, I may have to try it!

    Arthurb999 ~ Thanks for the tips!

    Hes been trying lowering his carbs and is noticing the difference. Unfortunately, hes not replacing them with fat as much as he should

    BarbeyGirl ~ Thank you for your detailed response. From my own limited experience, I agree the content of the food rather than the calories tends to have the biggest influence. (That said, I'm still a geek who loves numbers.)

    Since he's more comfortable eating higher levels of protein, Rob Wolff's recommendation is probably best for now, especially since hes used to aiming for a minimum of 300 gram/day.

    I'm unclear on if should fat be included in pre/post workout nutrition? I've not worried about this for myself as I haven't tackled weights in a long time, but in the past, I've avoided fat post workout in favor of lean protein and simple carbs. Maybe this is a silly question, but, is it dangerous to have for example fruit & lean protein w/o fat? Or should he have some sort of fat with it?

    Also, what, if anything, is recommended for him to eat before working out?

    Again, my apologies for being so neurotic, but after working hard to convince him of so much CW b.s., I want to be sure I give him the best information I can.

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