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Thread: Question about grapefruit and sugar in spices

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    Quote Originally Posted by solstice View Post
    Paleobird...did you eat a lot of grapefruit prior to your cancer diagnosis? I find that I crave them...which is probably pretty bad in itself....long history of maternal breast cancers for me....

    I think I will stop eating them cold turkey...I just dont need to up my risk even further---any other advice on foods to avoid?
    Yes, I did as part of the health food CW about eating a low fat breakfast. I used to chug grapefruit juice as well.

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    Oh, this makes me sad. I love unsweetened grapefruit.

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    Putting sugar in spices makes me angry. I once almost bought "Pure Black Pepper" until I read the ingredients and saw that it was not pure black pepper but a melange of sugar, flavor enhancers and a little pepper. It's a way to make the spices cheaper. So I bring my glasses and make damn sure to vote with my wallet for real spices.
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