I began going primal in December, starting with baby steps and ramping up from there. Although I was far from fully primal at first, I had made significant cutbacks in grains and sugar.

I lost 15 pounds in the first month, even though I was in "muscle building mode" and eating a lot. People noticed, and I had to buy smaller pants. I became more primal over the next few months, and am now pretty much completely grain/sugar/legume free.

However, my fat loss came to a halt after the first month. I still have a lot of fat around my lower abs, maybe another 15 pounds to go. I have now switched from "muscle building mode" to "fat loss mode," and am revisiting my diet to see what changes I need to make.

I looked through some posts on almond butter, and found that my consumption (2 jars a week) was extremely high compared to what people are recommending. So I cut out almond butter last week. I also cut out Greek yogurt (though I wasn't eating much to begin with).

So, will cutting out almond butter make a big difference? I understand that the omega-6 content is harmful in some respects, but what specifically makes almond butter bad for fat loss?