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Thread: Frustration Rant

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    i understand completely. until a nice little debate i had with my mother 2 days ago she thought that canola oil was actually made from a flower named the canola flower. also i found out last year on a big road trip we did of the south west that she thought that imitation crab was made from tripe because some kid told her this when she was 15 years old and she believed it up til she was 50 wen i even had to google several pages of evidence (one apparently wasnt enough to convince her) that imitation crab is actually made from pollock or whiting.

    actually while i was on the phone with her at her work and i was telling her about how bad vegetable oils (apart from olive oil) and canola oil was for her she asked someone who walked into her salon to use the sunbed about what canola oil was and she said exactly what i said. then proceeded to say only butter coconut animal fats and olive oil are good oils. HALLELUJAH!! i got the response "you two sound the same, sigh". and then tried telling me that red meat rots our colon and gives us bowel cancer.

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    Darth, this must be the study you're talking about.

    China faces a diabetes epidemic, with almost one in 10 adults having the disease while most cases remain undiagnosed, researchers have said.</blockquote>

    I had friends from China in college and not a single one of them was overweight. Infact, all of them were very slim. But they would tell me the trend was changing back home. Especially in the cities where folks had access to fast food chains like McDonald&#39;s, it was common to find overweight and obese kids. When they were growing up, they had madatory Phys Ed classes and just like Math and Science, they had to pass Phys Ed exams to be promoted to the next class.

    It&#39;s sad to see the same trend happen in other developing nations too. India has one of the highest diabetic population in the world.

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    ^^In public schools I believe in mandatory PE and fitness tests. Every child in a public school should be able to have at least some level of good fitness. Many people would argue that mandatory PE tests are going too far. However, you have to look at the big picture. These same children that neglect nutrition and fitness grow up to have nutritional/health problems that are preventable and should have been prevented early on. Many of these people become burdens on the population due to their need of extensive healthcare and often the large amounts of medications they are given.

    I had never seen it before, but I watched "Fast Food Nation" in one of my classes (Philosophy of Food) and besides all of the great points that were made, they showed the case of the alternative school that served very healthy lunches and foods, and made extensive efforts to provide nutritionally sound meals. The result was that the students, well became much better students and had less problems. Also, the cost was the same or less than regular, nutritonally-deficient school lunches.

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    I like to throw, squat and pull heavy things for fun.

    We're designed to be hunters and we're in a society of shopping. There's nothing to kill anymore, there's nothing to fight, nothing to overcome, nothing to explore. In that societal emasculation this everyman is created. ~David Fincher, director of Fight Club, interview with Gavin Smith, "Inside Out," Film Comment, Sep/Oct 1999

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    Fury- As a Health & PE Teacher/Coach, and a certified personal trainer.. I completely agree. We need to educate our youth about eating right and exercise are we are dooming our future!!!

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