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Thread: Nutrition label

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    Can someone tell me, please, what it means on a nutrition label where it says fat, say 16 grams, and then lists: 6 saturated and 2 monounsaturated, so then what types of fats are the other 9 grams? I have seen this alot where the broken down explanation of the fats don't add up to the total. Should I just assume that they are polyunsaturated? But I have seen PUFA's listed on foods that contain them. Slightly confused.

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    I think your right. The left overs are either PUFA's or Trans fats, depending on what you're buying.

    I know if something has less than .5g of trans fat (or somehting), the food company can say "0g". Kind of ridiculous.

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    nutrition label: if it has it its not real food. hehe

    kidding aside, yeh i would think they are poly-unsaturated or trans and that food company is not legit. well they are legal but really....not, by not labeling correctly. bah u know wut i mean. they are tricksy.

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    Thank you for the explanation(s).

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