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Thread: List your favorite product

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    Quote Originally Posted by spughy View Post
    Isn't the point of "primal" to avoid "product"? For me, anything that's a "product" is something that's used sparingly and only when necessary.
    i guess many people missed the point of my request, I know that the diet should include mostly meat and vegetable, but I still buy "processed products". For example, prosciutto i buy in a package is a "product" but ingredients list only pork and salt so I still consider it primal. There are many processed products out there that I still consider primal based on the ingredients. Another example is sardines in olive oil (processed product obviously, but I consider it primal). I don't go out buying raw sardines and smoking them myself. You get the point.

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    I think you're looking for this thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by lardomuncher View Post
    how do you prepare it?
    Primal Recipes | Primal Fare

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