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    I think it is a must here in your forum for me to introduce myself, so here I go.

    Hi there fellow members I'm Isabel. You can call me Isa for short. I am your newest member here. I would appreciate a small chat with you all.

    When I saw your forum, I am so excited because I thought there is no forum like this but I found your site.

    I was hoping to see some new techniques about primal living to make me better.

    Thank you in advance.

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    Quote Originally Posted by isabelwortman View Post
    I was hoping to see some new techniques about primal living to make me better.
    Welcome Isa,

    Better than what?

    I am not a purist as far as Primal living goes. I eat legumes when the mood takes me, I drank a pint of beer two weekes ago. But, I don't eat bread, cakes and other grain stuff, except white rice every couple of weeks or so. I even have a teaspoon of jam in my greek yoghurt!

    Having said that, I am losing about 1lb per week and have started HIT exercise and strength training with excellent results.
    I hope you enjoy it here.
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    Welcome Isa! Tell us more about yourself.
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    Hi Isa

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    HI i am Peter..I am new and very happy to join this forum..I hope this forum will be very informative about health and fitness Nice to be here...Thank you

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    Hi Isa, tell us about yourself, what are your goals?

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    The blog part of the site is full of valuable information.

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    Hello Welcome,
    I am Dexterr here, and i am very happy to be the part of this great discussions. I hope, that i will
    have nice time to learn and having a lot of information.I have been searching such kind of forum,
    for the time being. I have a thrust for learning new techniques. I hope i can enjoy my long stay here.
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