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    I'd already purchased a book for myself when Mark came out with the drive to get to #1 on Amazon last week. So, I asked my mother and sister if they would be interested in reading it. I wanted to get 5 books though, so that I could get my hands on that cookbook (even thought it would likely have been cheaper to simply buy the cookbook when it comes out!) and help out in our goal!

    So I ended up buying one for my mom, two for my sister (one of which she can donate or give to a friend) and two more for me. I knew I wanted to give one to the library. I had wanted to flip through it before buying it and they didn't have it. They do now! And when I dropped it off today there were two librarians at the desk. One of them read the cover and asked, "Does that really work or are you donating it because it didn't?" I told him I was so pleased with it after a month that I'd purchased that copy new for their library! I mentioned that the first improvement I noticed was increased energy. Both he and the other librarian grabbed at the book at the same time! I laughed and told them to share. Yay!

    The second book I gave to a friend today. I ran into her at the store yesterday and she commented about how tired she was. And mentioned that she was getting testing done at the doctors because she'd stopped losing weight, even with two hours or more of working out a day. I offered her the book and she picked it up today!

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    Those are great ideas. Thanks for helping out!

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    I just talked to my mom today, who got the book I bought for her on Monday. She's already got two people in mind that she wants to recommend it to and is trying to figure out how to *not* eat oatmeal and toast. That's what she usually has for breakfast, lunch and snacks. Aye, yi yi!!! (How do you spell that?) We talked about what I do eat and hopefully she'll start making some changes. If she's impressed by what she's reading alone...I can only imagine her excitement once she starts to *feel* differences!

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    Great idea! I'd like to do the same for my library, when funds are a little less tight.

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