I am an accidental primal eater. I lost 80 lbs or so (more on the 'or so' later) by upping my meat consumption and then looking at the bread/grains and figuring why eat that when I can have more veggies and meat? I slowly upped my fat intake recently and am still amazed I didn't gain weight. But I can't quite get down those last 10-15 lbs and I still under eat at meals and then when I snack eat too much and often non-primal (M&Ms anyone?). The idea of snacking on bacon is as strange as ever, even if I can now cook eggs in fat rather than in a non-stick skillet.

So my goal here is to lose 10 lbs (or at least fit into a set of clothes regardless of weight) by managing this snacking problem better, and getting back into resistance training. I love running and will continue my runs 3x/week. I run 10K races, mostly because they are timed and I can see my time improve. I don't exactly rock my age range, but I'm happy that I run somewhat fast. Typically I do a 5 miles race tempo run, a 3.5 miles with three .5 mile speed work tempo sections run and a long run that's usually 7 miles but a shorter and really hilly route.

I didn't weigh myself this morning because I usually only do that a few times a week. But let's say 180 because that's where it's been for the past few weeks.

Right, the other thing to note -- I can maintain this weight just fine eating wonderful paleo food (with the aforementioned problem about post-dinner treat food). I'm certain I can lose weight if I can beat this after dinner mouth stuffing problem.

Another thing is that I have gotten quite lean (I was always a runner, so it was lean and not just thin) by not eating and running 4-5x/week -- eating lots of carbs and the lovely snack wells. I don't want to do that again because the hunger was all consuming and I find it irritating that I would have to be hungry to be lean. But the nighttime entire bar of dark chocolate is not a valid response!

I'll try to post at least once a week.