I've been primal for around 6 months or so. I've done really well, lost a good 15kg along the way, and really enjoy eating primally. This post is simply to share an experience I just had...

I am a nursing student, and my latest placement was 4 weeks working full time in a private hospital. Private hospital = GOOD food, and every day there was a ton of FABULOUS cake available at the nurses' station for us to indulge in. It just so happens that the ONE thing in the world I love (made of wheat and sugar) is cake.

I ended up eating cake every-damn-day for a month. Luckily I only gained 1kg in weight, but what I REALLY noticed is the a) sugar craving, and b) being constantly hungry after eating more carbs than in several months before put together.

I am now getting back into form, but it really brought it home how addictive grains, and in particular, sugar, is. Tasty, but evil!