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Thread: I want to gain weight

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    I want to gain weight

    Hey guys
    I want to gain some weight and fill those sleeves with some arms in a primal way.
    Last time I tried gaining weight it was 8 months ago, pre-primal, in a very "healthy CW" way -
    I did it with full grains and legumes. I slowly gain the weight but I felt like shit and that's how I discovered primal,
    figuring stomach aches, no energy, sugar crashes, shit mood and bad skin&hair shouldn't be resulted of eating "healthy'.

    How do I gain weight without stressing my tummy, in a gradual way?
    ATM I'll take a guess and say I'm around 100 carbs a day (about 1-2 apples, a pear, a tomato or 2/onions with the meat I eat, some carrots). I've reintroduced potatoes like yesterday (sweet potatoes are mad expansive!) too.

    Well I actually changed my mine about 'getting a menu'. My questions are: Should I cycle my carb days?
    Did anyone tried this before? I'd like to hear you - how did it go??
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