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    Introduction and cholesterol levels

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    Hello! I'm a 22 year old from San Francisco and fresh out of college. I started eating primal because of the problems I was having with my high carb (lots of grains and fruit) diet. I was constantly craving sweets, needed a midday nap, and had chronic candida issues. I'm happy to say that those have cleared up since eating mostly primal.

    I recently got my blood work done and my cholesterol is great (TOTAL= 183, HDL= 91, LDL=81, TRIG= 55) and that's when I'm eating over a dozen eggs a week, LOTS of saturated fat (tropical oils, ghee, red meat) along with lots of veggies. I can't wait to tell my oatmeal-for-breakfast friends, they always scoff at my bacon and eggs

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