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Thread: Organs? Really?

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    This is a very good cookbook for someone just getting started on getting past the "What do I do with THIS?" factor. Odd Bits: How to Cook the Rest of the Animal (9781580083348): Jennifer McLagan, Leigh Beisch: Books

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    Liver is easiest to get right if you slice into about 1/2 inch slabs and do it like steak. Medium-high, 2 minutes each side and eat while still hot.
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    All traditional cuisines include organs, for very good reason. Explore them for excellent recipes
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    I cannot stand beef or lamb liver. I've tried cooking them different ways, just to medium rare, and gagged each time. However, i love heart (beef or lamb). Beef tongue was delicious when someone else roasted it. I'm open to trying chicken livers if i can ever get my hands on some.

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    tongue and heart do very well with braising. in the last month we have had beef, lamb and veal tongue. they are relatively lean sources of protein and as mentioned above, far superior, nutrition-wise, to something like loin. have finally found a local beef farmer who will sell me "off-cuts" and bones for $4 per pound! that is cheaper than cafo offal in the grocer. totes psyched.

    tongue lends itself very well to being chilled and sliced thinly. great over veggies with sharp mustard or horseradish.

    chicken livers are much more user-friendly than those from ruminants. soak, poach, blend with butter into pate. my mom used to boil calves' livers for the dogs and the smell was disgusting. lol, i never imagined i'd ever eat the stuff.
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    Heart in the slow cooker is great, and agree with previous suggestions re cooking liver, keep it simple.

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    Yes, organ meat is good. But eat them cooked of course. (Even if your dog might eat them raw.) Try starting out with can liver patate and spread it on bread. Oops, we are not supposed to eat bread. But anyways, spread it on something. They are somewhat processed and not as healthy as cooking own organ meat. But it might be more palatable until you are able to get used to it and start eating the real organ meat.

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    Quote Originally Posted by yodiewan View Post
    Good call. Heart and tongue get lumped in sometimes I guess. They're considered offal, but they are indeed muscles, not organs.
    yes, but it is more nutrient dense than other muscles. so i think it counts.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Saoirse View Post
    yes, but it is more nutrient dense than other muscles. so i think it counts.
    Yep. Heart is high in iron, CoQ10, and taurine. I'm not sure what tongue is high in other than deliciousness.

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    This thread is really making me hungry for this. I had to buy some chicken liver last night. It's all your guy's fault.

    I need to hunt down a butcher that sells tongue and heart. My grocery said they could special order it if I want, though.

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